The Process of Setting Up a Football Academy

Setting up a youth football academy is no mean feat. It requires a lot of meticulous planning since it is an institution that will be tasked with the great responsibility of determining the future of the next generation. So what is the process of setting up a youth football academy?

Find the right staff

Getting the right people to handle the many tasks that a football academy demands is a very vital step. This involves getting the right administrator who will ensure a smooth running of the establishment; a good accounts person and a good coach who knows what it takes to nurture talent.

Appropriate Location

A football academy requires expansive space which means a huge investment will go into purchasing a big land that will be developed to house the buildings, and at least a couple of football pitches and a gym.

Acquiring proper equipment

Modern football involves a lot more than just running around the pitch or doing workouts in the gym. It now employs a scientific angle that will require sophisticated equipment. These are on top of the basic ones like soccer balls, the right gear and such.


Like any other business or institution, there are government regulations to be adhered to and one of them involves the registration of the academy. This is to ensure that all the safety standards are followed and in case anything goes wrong, there are people who will be held liable.


The most important part. Setting up a football academy is no child’s play and it requires huge amounts of capital that one individual may not have the capacity to raise. External funding is an option worth exploring and could involve roping in stakeholders in the football industry as well as involving the local residents in a little fund raising round as this is for their children too.