Importance of Football Academies

A good foundation is the basis of every successful endeavour in life, be it education, marriage, or work. Everything revolves around a good foundation. The same principle applies to football. For a nation to have a great football team, they must invest in their youth because that is where talent emerges from. Therefore, there is no doubt that Football academies are very important and very necessary for the following reasons


It is at the level of football academy that future players are initiated into the intricate details and operations of the game. This goes beyond learning the basic passing and dribbling of the ball. This is the education part that prepares the boys mentally for their future careers as pro-footballers.


Football academies instill discipline at an early age. This usually comes in handy in their future since we have seen incidences of players having their lucrative contracts terminated due to indiscipline. Learning how to behave could save them from a lot of bad decisions in the future.


Football academies go beyond the field practice and mental education; the most important part of the process of nurturing footballers is the diet. The scientific research done by many academies have seen the rise of robust players who are put on a diet regiment which helps them to grow in the right way gaining strength and increasing their endurance. This becomes very beneficial to the young players as it also boosts their health in general, allowing them the time to fully concentrate on the game.

Coach Development

Academies also provide ground for trainers and coaches to further their skills of handling football teams. Owing to the reduced level of competitiveness in the academies, coaches are allowed the freedom to try out new tactics as frequently as they can and this helps them develop the players for future jobs as coaches of senior teams.