Football Academy Rules for Players

Every institution in the world has rules, which is basically what keeps things functioning smoothly towards the set goals. Football academies are not exempt to this; in fact, if there is anyone who needs rules more than anyone else, it is the young kids who join youth football academies. Some of the rules that young players have to adhere to include:

Training is compulsory for everyone. Those that fail to maintain a regular attendance risk being left out of the squad during matches or worse, they risk the possibility of getting expelled.

If a player is unable to attend a training session, he must inform the coach in advance or if it is an emergency, they can do that as soon as possible, failure to do so will mean that the absence will be recorded as a deliberate one.

An academy player who gets expelled for misconduct or poor attendance record is not liable to any refund whatsoever. They are however allowed to reapply for another chance provided they provide concrete assurances that they will be different the second time.

Violence and verbal abuse are prohibited at the academy. Players are encouraged to foster friendships and have healthy rivalries that will help them towards becoming better footballers. Those that resort to violence and verbal abuse will get expelled.

Parents are required to abide by the schedules of the academy; they are not allowed to interfere with the training sessions without prior notice, as this may be taken out on their child.

Any damage to property on the academy grounds will be fully settled by the involved party or they risk expulsion.

In the event that an academy player is approached by interested clubs who would want to buy him/her, the player is required by law to inform the directors of the academy in advance so that proper papers can be drafted up and contracts signed.